KAWS BFF Plush Blue

KAWS BFF Plush Blue


Even more limited than the black version, the Blue BFF Plush was limited to just 1,000 figures. The plush was designed to commemorate the 8-meter tall BFF statue that was installed at the Bangkok Embassy in Thailand on June 30th, 2016. The figure was available exclusively at the Siwilai Store Bangkok and online at Ding Dong Takuhaibin, selling out immediately. Each figure includes KAWS' classic motifs and comes housed in a custom made box.
However, you can now get them here.




    Notice: Sneakers are UA (Unauthorized Authentic). This means that they were produced with the same exact materials, and accessories if any as the official retail pairs. They are the surplus stocks that got left behind and never ended up on the shelves. These extra pairs are 100% retail quality, just not authorized for retail or reselling. Actual shoe box is included in every order. 

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