Your Privacy and Personal Information Is Our Priority.

With advancement of technology, credit or debit card fraud has become trickier to intercept and detect.

Transactions made by stolen card details will be denied by our state of the art “Fraud Detection System” that helps block and prevent crimes based on complex data scanning and international verification before authorising each transaction.


Whilst this may bring inconvenience to some, it provides the best online payment protection to all our customers.


If your card has been declined or “card_declined”, this does not mean our fraud detector has listed you as a fraud, there could also be a strong possibility that your bank has just rejected the release of this particular online payment.

Encountered any payment issues ?

Here is how you can resolve it


Kindly follow through the steps to fix this issue right away:


1. Contact your local bank immediately to release payments for “HYPEHEISTCO“


2. Ensure your account has sufficient funds BE REMINDED do not try more than 3 times within 24 hours or you could be blacklisted by our fraud detection system.


3. Certain banks may impose transaction limits for online purchases. If your shopping cart consists of multiple items, try breaking down into smaller purchases.


4. Try another bank card and/or device.

Issue(s) persist ?

Our Service Experts can always be reached via Instagram @hypeheistco or WhatsApp +6582209492




Notice: Sneakers are UA (Unauthorized Authentic). This means that they were produced with the same exact materials, and accessories if any as the official retail pairs. They are the surplus stocks that got left behind and never ended up on the shelves. These extra pairs are 100% retail quality, just not authorized for retail or reselling. Actual shoe box is included in every order. 

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