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Adidas Ultra Boost Gains Praise As a High-Quality, Technical Running Shoe

Adidas Ultra Boost shoes are known for their responsive and plush cushion technology and as some of runners’ favorite shoes.

The sneaker is respected as a technical shoe line with a redesigned heel and a tailored fiber placement on the upper made from Primeknit.

Experts highly regard this shoe, and it is being sent to the International Space Station to gauge its performance in space. Specifically, there will be experiments to test how gravity influences the molding process for Boost shoes. Adidas wants to see how the shoe performs in microgravity and unlock even more potential.

The idea is that the outer space experiments will help the shoe company better grasp how they can improve the midsole’s creation process. The goal is to increase performance, design, and comfort.

These are shoes to consider for your running routine when you find an excellent Adidas Ultra Boost price. If you look around, you may be able to find an Adidas Ultra men womens sale.




Notice: Sneakers are UA (Unauthorized Authentic). This means that they were produced with the same exact materials, and accessories if any as the official retail pairs. They are the surplus stocks that got left behind and never ended up on the shelves. These extra pairs are 100% retail quality, just not authorized for retail or reselling. Actual shoe box is included in every order. 

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